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Please join us in our domestic and international campaign to force the local government to clean up Goa. Visit for details on how you can inform yourself and how you can help.
Margaret Mascarenhas and Wendell Rodricks

Garbage: a bomb ready to explode
18 Sep: Herald. With rising opposition from people for locating dumping sites in their vicinities, and complacency of the government in finding solution to the problem, it appears, that Goans will have to wait for an epidemic to break, to realise importance of having stable machinery for treating garbage.

Dear Friends of Goa,
The lack of waste management infrastructure for both hazardous and ordinary waste in Goa is shocking, shameful and, quite simply, inexcusable. Successive Goa governments have yet to take the problem seriously, and it is now reaching crisis proportions even as the tourism department continues to lure unsuspecting tourists for the upcoming season, and the government proceeds with plans to host IFFI, which will only compound the problem. Goa can no longer sustain this assault.
Raising a stink: Goa celebrities decry garbage problem
20 Sep: NDTV. By Frankey Fernandes. Local celebrities in Goa have launched a campaign against the stinking mounds of garbage lying uncollected in the residential colonies and bylanes. They say that if garbage collection is not made a priority, they will highlight the health hazard it poses and ask tourists, especially foreigners, to stay away. For full text click here.

Wendell Rodricks