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Link page


My text in the May 2011 vol of Coloquio Letras (Gulbenkian Foundation Magazine)

Goa anthology

Windy Skies blog; review of one of my workshops

Metropolitan Tribe; writers' interactive support network

EVERYONE WHOSE ANYONE IN TRADE PUBLISHING--The best agent and publishers info website, by Gerard Jones (okay, maybe not the BEST, but definitely the funniest, and we could use a some of that)It also has the most comprehensive contact information available on the web. For a wild ride, click here.

Writer's Directory; resources for writers

Great site on literary agents and other writers' info by Todd Pierce

Independent Publishers


FROG BOOKS; independent publisher

Contacting Indian Publishers

freelance info for writers

international freelance links

"Notes on the Windowsill", Magical Realism,
"Death is forever--sometimes."