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I was trained in art appreciation and art history by Dr Saryu Doshi, my first boss right out of college. Although I am mainly a writer, and visual art is no longer my primary area of focus, I am an active promoter of the art community of Goa whenever I can find the time. Since 2001, after the publication of Skin, I have curated exhibitions of Goa-based artists, written the art-critical matter for catalogs and occasionally for art journals, and tried to encourage buyers here and abroad to train their eyes on Goa, which has a high density of emerging and extant talent. I am the founding director and advisory board convenor of Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts. This is a D V Salgaocar arts initiative with an advisory board headed by Dr Doshi. The centre is situated in Altinho as a  resource and education-oriented organisation in a beautifully restored and adapted colonial mansion. It has already opened a popular art school, run by Leslie Lakhia, a graduate of Pratt. It is our hope that the centre will serve as a forum for discourse and learning, with special emphasis on art students and emerging artists.

Margaret Mascarenhas